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New Ls400 Owner Questions

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Excuse my ignorance, but having recently purchased a 1998 LS400,and I have a few questions that I am sure other members can answer.

My vehicle has the Satellite Navigation option fitted, and I want to know how up to date the maps are. I have looked in the boot at the unit that contains a DVD, but am not sure if one has been left in the unit. How do I tell if one is present? I have tried ejecting the disk but nothing happended.

If there is no disk present, will all the options of the GPS system be available? I have tested it by setting my home location and when out, set it as my destination to return to, and the system LED me home and the voice controls worked ok.

I also have a problem with rear offside window. When raising it, it will go all the way up then re-open again and I cannot get it to stay closed unless I use the window isolation switch to turn it off when it is up. Is there a simple fix to this please?



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Welcome to the LOC.

If your car is a 98 model and nobody has changed the nav disk, then it probably the V2.1 disk which came out in 98/99.

I might be mistaken but if your car is '98 model then it is probably the CD-ROM based unit instead of a DVD based unit. To take it out, you have to put the key in the igiton in the acc position i think and then open the boot and slide the tab and wait for it to come out. You will have to tilt the unit up first by releaseing the clamps.

The latest version of the disc is v4.5 if it is a CD-ROM unit.

For the electric window, its difficult to say but here is one possible cause. This 98'LS has a feature which if anyting gets stuck in the electric windows while they are shutting, it will stop right there and lower itself to release the object (in case its someones hand or something). There might be a bit of the window rubber which has creased and is stopping the window going all the way up and stopping it while it is closing.

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As GoldfingerLS says, it is a CD unit. It wouldn't work and certainly wouldn't give voice instructions if there was no disk.

The window might just need some silicone spray on the rubbers, ours does this sometimes and spraying some silicone lubrcant on the rubber runners works every time.

Hope you enjoy the car as much as we do.

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