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400h Gets Better

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Hi All,

I drove my 400h 80 miles on a round trip to Bath over the weekend - my wife usually drives it not me.

The car has now covered 15,800 miles, and I guess is run in quite well??

I was surprised at a few things.

I managed to average 33.8 mpg, and I wasn't sparing the horses, just being careful to use the batteries when appropriate, and lots of right foot when needed. Which was why I bought it in the first place, an excellent compromise between pace and economy - in fact no compromises, just smiles.

This is easily better than I could have achieved when the car was new - I let the wife have it when it was on about 5,000 miles.

I've heard the IS220d boys saying the car "changes" at 10,000 miles, and wondered if there is a mapping change?

I can get 40mpg from it no problem if I drive accordingly. I can also get 20mpg too!

I find now, that anything up to 40mph can be sustained on the batteries alone, with corresponding success on the histogram.

It's difficult to tell if the performance is better, but I'm assuming it must be, it still feels very quick once it picks up with the right foot in the carpet.

Interested to hear other peoples stories, or maybe because I only drive it at weekends, I'm the only guy still bothered by any of this!!!!



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The reason is down to the process known as 'bedding in' - with use a new engine 'loosens' up and feels less 'tight' - petrol engines will settle quicker than diesels but generally around 20k is when they should be 'in' (diesels are a little more).

So if you bought your car with 'no miles' then you will see better returns (performance, responsiveness, pulling and economy etc.) improve as the miles rack up...obviously up to a point and then they will settle. be sure to check the oil level as 'new' engines will also burn a little oil (some are more notorious at this than others).

Looks like you're getting some very good economy.

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Having had a a RX300 mk1 followed by a mk2 have now moved on to a 400H the difference in fuel consumption is quite considerable. The majority of use is to and from the office (5miles) and local journeys on minor roads of up to 15 miles. The two previous cars returned 21-23 MPG Irrespective of driving style ( both I and the wife drive it). We now get 32-33MPG. Have yet to do a decent long distance drive but will report after this coming weekend when we do.

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