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Malfunction Indicator Lamp


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Hi All

I am new to this site and have just purchased a is200 it is a 2000..I removed the air box and cambelt cover also removed the munber one spark plug to check the condition of these items.I am sure that i replaced everything that i removed correctly but the next time i used the car the Malfunction indicator lamp was ON..I have checked my owners manual none of the faults seam to apply..

Has anyone had this same problem??.....Any ideas please.

Regards Ant

PS Are there any good workshop manual or cd that are available.

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agree with steve, follow his advice.

failing that, reset the ecu. to do this, you need disconnect the Battery for 1/2 hour. you will loose all radio presets, clock settings (time) and trip mileage information by disconnecting the Battery. there is no radio code for the stereo system, i'm assuming you have the standard lexus sound system in your car (in-dash 6 disc changer). you can reset the ecu pulling out two fuses, but i can't remember off top of my head which ones these are, don't want to give you wrong any info!

if resetting the ecu doesn't work, then you'll need to get your car hooked up to a OBD reader and have the fault code(s) read.

recently, i've replaced my timing belt (inc tensioner and idler) and radiator. since then my engine management light has been on, although i have tried to reset serveral times, only for it to reappear after a couple of days.

i've booked mine in with a local garage to have the fault codes read. mine is also a 2000 model car.

hope this helps.

PS: you can but a workshop CD for the IS200 from ebay for about £5-6

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