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Prices For Exhaust Manifold Gasket?


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I have just purchased the Prolex manifold, when i come to change it will i be needing a new gasket? Is there anythin else that i will be needing to change? I cant wait to get it on the car to see how it sounds, and the change in power....if there is any??

Of coarse this wont be happening till its been in for its 80k service and cam belt change (thursday)!!

*** its an expensive week :shutit: :crybaby::unsure:


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Metal gasket, to cylinder head: 17173-70050 (2 needed)

Gasket Rings 2x, to Y-pipe: 90917-06046 (1 set)

2 Nut bracket: 18495-46020 (1 needed, or use your own 10x1,25 nuts)



But- if all comes off without hassle, you may be able to reuse them, especially the metal gaskets. Officially the manual says you should not reuse them.

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Well ive got the new gaskets from Chris and they arrived this morning, the only problem is that the guys who i have got to do most of the work on my car are saying that they may not change the manifolds cos of the damage that could be caused with taking the old one off?! Sure there isnt that much to taking them off? I know that the bolts may shear but what else?

If i dont get it fitted before JAE, would anyone like to offer some help? I mean there will be a few beers going spare for payment :D the only reason i dont do it cos ive got nothing to lift the car up on to get under :duh: i know poor excuse but........



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