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Strange Question About Towing?!?!?!?!

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Hi guys,

Bit of a strange questio about a tow bar. Ive been reading in the owners manaul and it says that a Sport (which I have) cant be fitted with a tow bar. Why is this? Is it because its lowere slightly? Things is I dont wnat to really tow anything, its just my parents have got a boat which they keep on a mooring, so you need a small boat to go out to it. The small boat is kept on a small trailor at the top of a slipway, and can be launched relativly easily by two men (slipway is quite steep, so trying to stop it going down on its own is a bit of a challenge). My dads got a towbar on his car so he can do it on his own, but if I go down with just my girlfriend, its do risky trying to walk down the slipway with the boat on myu own. Some of the other people with boats in the same place, have had tow bars made up, which screw into the thread that a tow eye would screw into, so thats what I was going to do with my car. But when I got the car last week I realised theres a fixed tow eye on the car, and because Ive got the styling kit, its comletely usless for anything.

So was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to do it. Its not for going on the road or anything so dont need lights, its just for lowering down a slipway. Id prefer it if it was on the back, so I get better grip coming up the slipway (slipway gets quite slippery when wet).

Cheers guys and sorry about the long post (hope you can understand it).


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