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2001 Is Sport


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Right Peeps

I am posting this to see if i get any interest for my 2001 (Y) IS 200 Sport in Sapphire Blue.

If there are peeps who want it i will have to get my ***** in gear and find a Scoob.

It has done approx 65k and has FULL Lexus Service History its also just had its 60k service(including all new diff seals)

As you peeps that have seen it know the car is in mint condition and is well looked after (waxed and polished to glass like proportions)

Number of Previous Owners: 3 (including me)

Mileage Currently: 65,500

Tax: 6 months.

MOT: 9 Months.

Service History: Full Lexus

Colour: Sapphire Blue

Interior: Black half leather (standard Sport model two-tone dash/steering wheel)

Other Bits :-

Full professionally fitted TRD (Lexus) Bodykit (Front, rear, sideskirts) including Sport Grille.

Chrome rear indicator bulbs, Phillips Bluevision headlight/sidelight bulbs.

Blue LED Doormarkers

All Interior lights Blue LED

Blue LED Reversing lights

Alloy tax disc holder

Prolex Kazama Back Box (enough said)

18" TTE Chicane wheels with Kuhmo Rubber(on for 500 miles)

Aftermarket aerial

I also have all the bits that were taken off ,Sport backbox ,standard grill , aerial ,all bulbs, and 5 original 17" wheels with 2 brand new tyres which are up for negotiation.

I also have 2 further TTE Chicanes (Brand New)without rubber.

I have got some Red Caliper paint and white stickers too.

I love the Lex the reason for selling is that i need to fuel my lust for Subarus.

I have had the Lex for about 12 months and have taken very very good care of her, she is pampered weekly with Meguiars finest and is in top Fettle(please read link about Bolton meet).

Another thing for potential buyers i will arrange for my m8 who works for lexus to sort out the services for a good price( £100's cheaper than going through dealer)

As expected there are a few chips and little dents but hey its a car and what can we do??

I am looking for £8k for the lot or £7.5k without wheels

If you want to view or ask any questions please PM me

Thanks guys

Dave aka Bulldog


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How much for the set then? assuming they are in excellent condition, seeing how well you look after the rest of the car

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Yes pal i do

If you want to have a chat ring me I have sent a PM with my number

thanks, in around 3 weeks i will have saved enough cash to buy, if you still have it then i have sent you my no.

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Looks like its provisionally sold to FUGU.

Hes been to see it today and was impressed with the old girl and how Shiny she is :crybaby: i have to admit i feel a little sad :crybaby:

Then i start thinking of the motor i want :whistling::whistling: whats that sound i hear?? Its a flat four STI :winky: :winky: :shifty:


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I am in love with the car :driving: there is no question of me changing my mind, provided everything goes smooth with the scooby then its a done deal.

even our lass was impressed (sitting in the back) :lol: on a serious note, the car is obviously well looked after, still cant get over how easy and impressive it was to drive, makes me embrassed to have owned all my other cars :hehe:

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Hes said he'll have it to be honest , just waiting to get me a scooby sorted ;) B)

Need to speak to Dave later on and see whats what.

Thats great mate worth the plug then :D good luck with the scooby mate i think there a great motor my brothers not long sold his sti and brought a bike :whistling: i love the sound of them good old flat fours you can hear them a mile away :D

Chris.... :)

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I wont be going anywere :D

I will still (if allowed come on meets as you are all top peeps)

Dave (Fugu) who is having the car is a top geezer too and will take good care of the old girl.

Keep your eyes peeled for news on my new motor B) ;)

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