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Only 200k?


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Yup... all Cars in japan are restricted to 180 km/h by law... why did he think the speedo only went to 180?

you can get aftermarket devices to over ride the restrictor .... ;)

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but i thought it should rev higher then 7k surely .... cant rember that far back tho

Car revs to over 7K, well mine does. still haven't properly removed the speed limiter with my RSM though.... have to wire it in differently. and speed cut kicks in at 187kmh

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6MT revs to just over 8K, 5AT to just over 7K.

Speed limiter is 180Kph (112 Mph) as Noel said and that is accurate :winky:

Problem with removing the speed limiter on the 5AT is that AFAIK the ECU forces a change up to 5th at just below the speed limiter which is well below the rev limit. The delimiter does not change the way the auto box works.

I have been looking for a piggy-back that forces the box to stay in any gear the you select on the tip, so far no success :crybaby:

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