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Hi Everyone

I was on my way home from Spit & Polish (car is booked in for August - £58 a wheel). Driving past a housing estate which is currently being built with some of the metal fencing stuff up blocking the left hand side of the road off (hope you understand what im trying to get still shook up after it)

I was driving past and then all of a sudden this bit of metal fence blew done...I had two choices either get the car hit by this big piece of fence or pull sharply up the kerb to avoid choice was the second. It was only a low kerb but you could really feel it through the car. I must have been doing around 20MPH at the time. I inspected the car when I got home (which was only just down the road...I didn't stop because I had loads of cars behind me). There is some bad kerbing to the driver's side front wheel apart from that I cannot see anymore damage....what I would like to know is there likely to be any hidden damage...hitting a kerb at this speed?



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