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Hi all, I need Help :crybaby:

I've just popped down to my Local Audio Specialists in Cardiff.

They have told me they would charge between 600-1000 to fit a Aftermarket Head Unit to my LS400

Is this true? They say they would have to rewire all the speakers and its a long complicated job!!!

I know the Lexi and IS's are tricky being 8 Way and I had to bypass the Amp to fit one before, but is it really that costly to fit one to my LS??? :shutit:

I also planned in the future to have some Bass in the boot, subs and amp etc but they say don't even go there

What can I do??? Advice please (someone must have done summit like this before)


LowRed (Sad :crybaby: )

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we all know this is crap because we have all fitted head units and the only thing you need to do is buy a connector from Halfords to match the head unit your replacing ( speakers on one plug-power supply on another ) the standard as you probably know but the only problem I can for see is a fascia adapter to separate the head unit from the AC

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Not being funny, but what's wrong with the performance of the factory system? (Unless yours has a fault of course, in which case we are here to help!)


Thanks for the replies Guys .

I will try Halfrauds tomorrow and see what they can do for me :D

As for the standard unit, nothing wrong with it, but my middle name is Custom LOL I can't leave anything alone :winky:

Plus I have a £400 JVC Head Unit that is wasting away unless I do summit with it. :)

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as you have the mk1/2 you can get the connector from as the same for the fascia plate or you can wire it you self here is the wiring diagram just click on year make and model linky just click on the arrc logo and it makes use of the sub in the car

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