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Hi, my friend has a brand new GS300 and has only recently experienced odd things with the keyless entry/exit. I would think that the new IS220d & IS250 have a similar set-up to the GS therefore I am posting my question in this forum.

Everything worked fine for a couple of months but the last couple of days it's gone haywire!

Basically, its not unlocking or locking the doors, the boot lid works okay, even the remote fob wont lock or unlock. The batteries in both fobs seem okay because the tiny red light comes on. He might give up for half hour then try it and it will let him in but maybe only through one door and not the others.

It's gone bonkers!

Wot's up????

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This is weird?

The car has been moved from the drive onto the street and works fine down one side of the street but plays-up (even to the point of not recognising the Key) down the other side of the street.

What appliances would interfere with this system?


What can Lexus do about this?

Hasn't this happened to other users?

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I had the same problem a couple of months ago with my IS250,Nothing wrong for 12 months or so then came home from work to find it would not lock unless I held the fob next to button then following morning wouldn't recognise the key

spoke to Darryl at Derby who said Lexus are aware of this and they have an upgrade.

Two days later keys ,transponder etc all replaced under warranty

Since no problems (touch wood) so tell your friend to contact his dealer if it's a new GS300 should be done under warranty

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I had this very recently with my IS250. After 12 months of no problems it played up something fierce at home. Lexus replaced the transponder etc with a different frequency and all fixed. However my garage door opener had also started playing up the same time and was still playing up.

My son has a wireless weather station which we converted some time back to solar power with a rechargeable Battery as it ate AA batteries. The Battery that was being recharged by the solar cell went flat and the connection between the weather units was lost. However when the sun came up the solar cell provided power and the transmitter unit started "hunting" up and down the frequencies looking for the receiver.

Both my garage door and the Lexus are designed to stop scanning or "hunting" remotes as an anti theft feature. The weather station was forcing them both into temporary shutdown as they detected this "hunting" and simply stopped working. As soon as I replaced the rechargeable Battery and re-paired the weather units all the problems went away. It took me a long time to work this one out.

So in a long winded way- yes interference will cause havoc with the Lexus. A new transponder is still the answer though as it should be able to deal with non "hunting" transmitters which apparently it can struggle with


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I've got a similar problem with mine. It works most of the time apart from in the car park at work. When I get out and press the door button, nothing. When I press the remote, nothing. I've tried opening the door and closing it again but to no avail. Many a time I've had to leave it unlocked and come back a few minutes later which is far from ideal. When I do finally manage to lock it I have the same problem unlocking it as it fails to acknowledge the key. Even if I hold it in my hand up against the car the mirror puddle lights don't illuminate and I'm left standing there which is no fun when it's raining. After a minute or so it finally registers and unlocks but this shouldn't be happening on a car that costs as much as it does. :angry:

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I also had the same problem, did not work in my garage or drive, but worked on street(boot still worked perfect though :duh: ). Also, my sons mini's key did not work on our drive, while the lexus didn't, as did his friends. They all work now though but the dealer said that they will change the frequency of the keys to stop any further problems.


They have actually changed the keys

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