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Help With New Wheels

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hi all!

just found this forum and wanted some advice. i've just brought an 04 rx300 and want to upgrade the wheels to something bigger. i know that 20" wheels will fit but wanted to find out if 22" will go on? if so, could someone give me the offset and tyre size. i think the tyre will be 265/35/22? will post pictures when i have them on.

many thanks


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You can get 22"s on but it may be with a lot of modification. You may need spacers and with 22"s The top of the tyres will hit the rear strut for starters. The front may need hubcentric spacers because your tyre will catch the inner wing without. This is the MK1 shape so maybe different set up on the MK2.

And riding on 35 profile will be bad.You will feel every bump in the road without bumps! I have 20"s on and I had a 40 profile tyre and I could feel everything. I changed the tyres to 45 profile (275/45/20)and the handling and ride are a lot better. Also my car is lowered by 30mm on Spax springs Definitely improves the handling

The other thing to look out for is to make sure that you get an alloy or chrome that is suitable for a 4 X 4. A lightweight alloy that is okay on a Skyline won't do the job on an SUV because of the weight. I think there are a couple of lads got 22"s on the RX on car domain.

Love to see some pics when you get them on.


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