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Ever Bought A Car Online?


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just browsing around the other day & i fell upon this site

they 'seem' ok & can get around £1k off the new BMW 3 convertible - has anyone had experience with them? or any other places online??

i know a while a go the supermarket type places were a bit 'buyer beware' about the spec & warranty, but i get the impression they are more trusted/reliable than when they 1st popped up.

thanks guys :winky:

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I used a place called Trade Sales in Slough about 5 years back, that was when these were first popping up, basically I got a brand new Renault Megane Cab for £13k, although the log book showed 2 owners as it was registered to them first. The UK price at the time for that spec was around £19k.

The cars were RHD Dutch imports which were built to UK spec, there was absolutely no difference, apart from the fact the supplied documentation was all in Dutch! A quick pop to the local dealer and £15 later I had all the UK manuals.

The warranty etc was all covered in the UK and I did have some work done by the dealer.

I think I had the car for 15 months before I traded it in for the IS, and from what I remember I got £11.5 for it - not bad to say I'd had the car for that length of time from new and clocked the milage up to 12k :)

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I'd be need an assurance that it is UK car with full manufacturers warranty, and where posible deal with the dealer direct, not an on-line company. I have never used them, but I reckon bargains are there for the taking.

The blurb on seems impressive, so you may want to give them a call, and they seem to offer good discounts on UK cars where you DEAL DIRECT WITH A FRANCHISED DEALER...

That way you can even go and see the car before you part with cash...

When I bought my Lexus, my local dealer matched the discount that website gave me, so you could use to run the dealers off against discounts...that way you can't lose. Remember, UK Franchised dealers advertise on DTD, so insist they match the deal...and you'll get PEX etc... and remember you can register when asked with typos... ^_^

Good luck...

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Pretty much agree with Jamboo, use online dealer quotes as a bargaining tool at dealerships in order to get the best deal.

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