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Rear Brake Pad Sensors? Help Ls400. I'm Being ***** Turpined By Le

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Just changed the rear pads on my LS400 which look like they have never been done.

In that process I had to destory the sensors attached to the old pads too which they were moulded over time into the join and there was no way they were going to come apart still intact.

Have now changed the pads, But light on dash and need new sensors.

Just phoned Lexus(Mr D Turpin) and been quoted £46+vat each(While he was wearing a mask). After having a heart attack for something about the size of 3mm, Even I think that this is a little over the top for an item which is sometimes free with other pads makers.

So has anyone come across this before and know where to get a cheaper pair of sensors from UK or abroad.

This must have happened before with an old set of pads on a LS.


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just twist the two pad sensor wires together (bear wire)

i know that its not a good thing when the pads get low again but it puts the light out so you can save the money

I plan to do that in the morning, But just can't get over that price for such a small part. It's shocked me and I'm in the trade dealing with various parts and cars.

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My mechanic still goes on about the price of the sensors! He still has one of the old ones in his garage and often shows it to people who moan to him about the price of parts and says "Guess how much that is?". It always seems to make them feel better!!


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I'm with Lutonmat, the rear pads wear slowly and you can live without the sensors, just check them occasionally.

The sensor wires are a rip off, for what they are, it's time some third party maker stepped in!

They are quite crude really.

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Right I've looked into this a little more and came up with this idea.

I checked the pads and they only fit the LS400 & soarers. So I'm thinking if the Soarers have the same sensor end to connect to the pad and how much are they?

I'm thinking of getting a soarer sensor, Cutting the wires to remove the sensor and reconnect them to the wires on the LS400.

I've seen this connector before on another brake pad, But can't think of it at moment. I think it's free with a set of pads, So plan to cut that one and attach the the LS400. The sensor I've seen has the same space on the pad to fit.

Will update when I find the compatable sensor.

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