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Apple Gps System Rumoured To Debut In Mercedes Cars


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Apple is secretly working on a GPS unit for cars with Mercedes owners likely to get hold the technology long before lesser drivers, a German magazine has claimed.

The car navigation system for Mercedes-Benz, which would deliver "maintenance, communication and navigation", is set to debut in early 2009, according to Focus, a rival of Der Spiegel.

The magazine claims the unit will be available exclusively for Mercedes Benz during the first six months of production. Later the system would be introduced by other car manufacturers as well.

The magazine has little in the way of details, but speculates the system will be based on the iPhone technology and on Google Maps. The iPhone presently has no GPS unit, but Apple may be working on GPS functions for the iPhone to help it comply with US 911-emergency locating requirements.

Mercedes and Apple have been working together since 2005. Many of the car maker's models, including the A-Class, B-Class and C-Class, include iPod connectivity capabilities.

Apple hasn't responded to the rumors, and usually doesn't discuss future products, especially with El Reg. DaimlerChrysler wasn't able to comment either

That's a new one on me, would be interesting seeing how they'd integrate Google Maps seeing as the pictures are sometimes out of date, interesting idea though!

Wonder who will be the first to implement this?!

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Google Earth is sometimes a bit out of date - is that where they get the maps from?

Anyway, it's probably overall at least as up to date as the TeleAtlas ones used by most of the satnav companies! I wonder if the plan involves obtaining updates from Google via the phone link, ensuring it's as up to date as possible at all times?

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I have to admit I did misread it originally and thought it was going to be using Google Earth, not Google Maps!

Had visions of the satnav piping down the images via EDGE, GPRS or 3G data links and displaying those overlaid with the Google Maps images!

If they could make this realtime (which eventually they should have no problem doing once the infrastructure is in place everywhere) then that would be awesome, could use a cached copy of the maps on a HDD or flash based storage in the vehicle for when there is no data signal available and just download routes on the fly when you are on the move!

I do have to admit it does seem a strange market to move into though, and it makes me wonder why a lot of the car manufacturers don't just turn to TomTom to provide an OEM system, as it's certainly very good indeed!

I guess it's just that someone still has plans to take over the world :lol:

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