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Recently, while playing a previously unplayed CD on my way to work, the audio system suddenly stopped working. The CD player believed that the CD was still playing, but there was no sound at all. The Radio didn't work and the controls in the Sound and DSP screens were unresponsive. The other controls affecting the rest of the audio system were sluggish, but did eventually respond. Turning the audio off and back on again had no effect.

After turning off the engine and restarting, the system worked as normal, but at exactly the same point in the same CD the same thing happened again. This phenomenon is reliably reproducible.

The problem hasn't occurred with any other CDs since I first noticed it.

As chance would have it my MM system is being replaced by Lexus Stockport because of the Sat Nav problem (which has been previously described in these pages) in which the system believes the car to be driving around through fields and up the wrong road, etc. This will give me the chance to try the CD that caused the problem on the new MM system. Before I do however, I thougth I might ask whether anyone else has had this problem. I can't imagine why one particular CD, being played for the first time (and which causes no problems on any of my other CD players) should cause the whole sound system to stop working.


All the best,


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It's an original pressed CD. Straight out of the box and never played before. Unblemished playing surface and everything!

I have, in fact, had the sound system do that all-sound-stopping trick on me once before (some months ago), but playing the same piece again didn't cause the problem to recur on that occasion.

Very odd indeed.

Sounds like your system crashes at a particular CD data decode - is it a Copied CD/MP3 compilation, or an original?
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Almost correct. I was provided with a new Sat Nav unit and DVD (and incidentally it has made no difference whatsoever).

Lexus Stockport are now of the opinion that it's the GPS aerial (either that or the GPS satellites), but are awaiting advice from Lexus GB gefore taking further action.

The audio system is unchanged so I shan't have the opportunity to try my little experiment out.


Thought the MM satnav fix was a new DVD not a new system
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I couldn't tell for sure whether the gent to whom I spoke in Lexus Stockport was serious or not when he suggested that it might be the satellites.

To be honest, the first time it happened I thought I'd better check to make sure that my Garmin hand-held wasn't manifesting the same problem. Ludicrously unlikely I know, but, well, just to make certain...

(It wasn't, of course).

Still, you never know whether you can trust the US military to let you know for sure whereabouts you're driving at any one time :whistling:

Hope they don't start moving the "GPS satellites" :)
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I had my DVD player replaced by Lexus Newcastle ater the system stopped. It was related to the AUX socket and plugging in my Ipod.

Switching from Ipod to DVD the system said NO DISK even though all 6 slots were filled and it would not respond even after

switching the whole car off then back on. It would clear after an hour or so but very frustrating if you wanted to play a disk.

Lexus Newcastle only replaced the DVD section of the Sat Nav as they are two separate units, so dont expect a whole new system

if its just the DVD player section.


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