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Now This Is A Speedo Video!


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Here we go, now this is what I call a speedo video:

It's JamieP's Supra on the dyno, any of you guys from London who go to Ace Cafe should know the car, it's really awesome!

A question for the dyno guys, is there much difference when you're out on the road due to the resistance or is it still crazy fast like in the video?

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Yeah I've seen a few pics of Jamie's car it is proper nice. I think it was in banzai or JP in the readers cars section last month.

Although that sounds like it was done on the road, but I am sure it's just me hearing

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Think it's just a big dyno mate :winky:

He's upping it to 1.5 bar soon - this video shows 1.2 bar - it's going to be even more insane then!

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