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So after collecting parts to modify my car for age’s ive now started to actually have some fitted to the car. For the past few months the Boxes of parts have been in virtually every room in the house which didn’t impress my parents.

So last weekend i had a set of HKS hypermax coilovers fitted. Ive had these since the start of the year and bought them of a member on here.

Here is the before pic




And after (sorry bit blurry)


Anyway im loving how the car looks and feels now, but i have come up against a few problems

Now i cant get the car on my drive as it keeps bottoming out, and that one of the adjusting platforms is well and truly stuck and i cant raise it up. I will have another go this weekend.

More pics




Not much clearance


whoops. My first attempt at getting the car on the drive, i think it scraped a bit :whistling:


More mods and pics to follow


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So what's next, other than either moving house as Stav suggested, or ripping out the driveway to level it off? :D


We had to do that.

Some advice. Get the nose down, and back up. It helps with the handling. Otherwise you get this side to side rocking sensation when the backs that beached down low, even with TRD yellows!

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Thanks for the replies,

WylieCoyote :- Thanks. I bought these second hand from a member on here quite a while ago and cant remember what i paid think it was about £500. I think they cost about £1000 new.

i_love_my_IS200 :- :lol: if i do that i cant afford to finish the car. Nice idea though.

sparkystav :- Ive tried that already mate along with a full can of wd40. Think im going to take the strut off and put in a vice and try and get it lose that way.

Jamie :- Cheers , i finally got hold of the trd side skirts the other day so im just waiting for these to arrive and then i will get the kit fitted along with the dde head lights and LED tails and fogs. The turbo is currently in bits and im just waiting for a price on the refurb.

Mr Singh :- Thanks for the advice i will give it go.

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Jamie these are the dde/ angel eyes ive done for my car



Ive painted the chrome part astral black to match the car and ditched the orange indicator reflectors.

aido, i bought the turbo kit of Marcus when he decided to go down the V8 route :winky:

Thanks Tuff :)


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if possible get a can of penetrating oil NOT wd40, the oil is far better and then leave it overnight to work in.

Thanks fluff34567 i will borrow some from work :whistling: and give it a go.

I was hoping to get this done this weekend but i have to work so it looks like next weekend now.


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