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Took A Trip Down To Dr Bones Yesterday.........

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Hi guys, I took a trip down to Hemel Hempstead to visit the geo doctor.

I didn't really have any major problems with the car, the steering wheel was turned slightly to the left when the car was going straight and I had slightly uneven wear on the passenger side front tyre - the outside edge, not usual is200 inside edge, but I thought I may as well take it down for Tony to have a look as the standard setup positions are wrong anyway.

He put it up on the ramps and assessed the initial positions and explained exactly what he was going to do to correct the errors.

Well, I noticed a difference as soon as I turned the corner out of the garage - just feels so much more planted on the road, doesn't feel as wishy washy and nervous when travelling at high speed on the motorway. To be honest, I really didn't think that I would notice much of a difference as the car wasn't that bad before, but it is definitely more responsive and much more of a pleasure to drive.

So, I suggest if you haven't had it done already, you should definitely take a trip to see Tony at WIM, great guy, really knows what he doing and an absolute perfectionist. (By the way, if you have anything heavy in the boot, take it out before Tony puts it up on the ramps as it messes up all the figures!)

Cheers Tony, see you in 2k miles for the free reassesment! (very very important!)

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I agree! I was there earlier in the week, and today had the opportunity for a proper blast in the car as I had to go over to deepest Shropshire (near Telford) and back this evening – a mix of dual carriageway but plenty of A5 and cross country A and B road too. The car was just superb (and that’s from someone who started out all disappointed ‘cos it was absolutely bucketing it down which spoiled my plan of taking the bike) and I am sure that Tony has made a real difference.

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