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Supercharge Or Tubo

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hi all

not to sure which one to go for. hoping u lads on here can help. i know the basic differents but to how to pick the right one for the car or if it means the right one for me. what im looking to do is to push up the 0-100 times and hopfully the top speed. but i need to know what is involved in both the s/c and tubo and more importally the results i should gain from doing the work. and last the bit i hate the cost.

thanks mark

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A supercharger on average decreases your 0-60 time by around 2.2 or so seconds and increases your top speed to about 133mph (if yours is a manual it won't increase the top speed - it only increases on autos). You'll also up the torque to 182lb/ft which is significant. I'm not sure of the figures for a turbo but I know they will make it faster from 0-60 than a supercharger. A s/c would cost around £4700 from prolex-uk and a turbo would cost around £7500. Either way you cut it, that's a lot of cash for a relatively small performance increase. With a s/c it equates to £2350 per second (or thereabouts) of added acceleration. Not to mention the increased insurance costs. You'll also add around 3.5% to your fuel consumption. If you want a bit of extra power without s/c (and I know I'll there's loads of people who'll disagree with me, and that's fine) just get an induction kit, new plugs and a decent exhaust. You won't get the same performance but you'll save yourself at a minimum of £4000. If you can get a good one on the cheap, then I'd jump at the chance, I just wouldn't pay that amount of money for one. Bah humbug!


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