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New Belfast Member

messa red

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Hello to all you lexus lunatics!!!!

Are there any other LOC Belfast Members out there ??

I own a is 200 se purchased from Lexus Belfast through the approved used scheme-but had to reject the car first time around due to it being poorly prepared and have had issues with them since.

Anyway, really enjoy the car and peoples reaction to it- not many on the roads over here- but thinking of changing. Can't make up my mind between a new model IS in mesa red or a RX 300 or a GS 300 -any suggestions.Tony

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Hi and welcome to LOC. All of the Lexus range are great cars. It really depends on your needs as to which model you want.

Search through the forums and you will see lots of info on all models. Standard and modified. Meanwhile enjoy the car and the forums


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Hi y'all another newbie to greet ya from Belfast!

I bought my IS200 Sport in October. Love the car to bits! I had that car polished every day for about 2 months. Neighbours thought I was cracked lol.

Does anyone know where I can get myself a set of black mats that say LEXUS on them? I seen a set on a 200 in a showroom. No idea where they came from but they really looked the part with the white writing along the side. I should have made an offer there an then. :crybaby:

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