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Finally i got my rear fog lights working after a year. First I managed to track the problem to the rear fog light relay, but has anyone ever fitted one????? i was told it was in the boot, then behind the passenger airbag then near the intergration relay, nope, nope, nope. What a nightmare!! so the final straw was to put in my own cables in fianlly it worked!!!!!

But.....i did read somewhere that the fog light relay also had soemthing to do with the center consol lights, as when you turn on my head lights they all go out. Any one have any ideas? or maybe someone has had the same problems or could recommend someone to talk to.

Thank you


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Congratulations on sorting out the foglight problem, as for the relay mine has been retrofitted with it being an import and is mounted in the boot behind the toolbox area.

As I said I don't know if this is the same location as UK spec models but may be worth a look.

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Thanks Steve, i tell you what a headache does mean my fog light symbol doesnt come up on the dash though, but its road legal at last!!!

I spoke to ROYT on this matter as he has the englsih manuals and they are also in the boot, but for me nothing - so sod it haha!!!


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