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Got One ! - An '05 Is200 Se


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As I'm sure a number of you already know...but it is soooo nice to drive (just collected mine on Friday).

Fantastic service from Susie at Lexus-Oxford.

I am now the proud owner of a low mileage '05 Montrose Blue SE, Oakham leather inside.

What do I do first? as it is completely untouched.

The 17' wheels look great and the car handles so smooth it's a real joy to be out of the family wagon RX and into something smaller.....Air filter? rear window tinting to resemble the sport - not sure??

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Hi and welcome to LOC :)

Congrats on the purchase, they are certainly a great car to drive.

As had already been said, we need pics :D

Then you need to start attending some meets too :) to see what can be done to them.

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Welcome to LOC :)

Glad you're enjoying the car, if I was you, I'd wait a little while, get used to it, and then see whatever bugs you first, be it lack of power, appearance, ride quality, and then sort that out :)

Think first think I did was the Sports Grille followed by the front tints as I already had the Sport :)

They're a nice car, just enjoy it for a while :D

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