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What Pads?


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Just had some Mintex on mine and I'm happy with those :)

Had them on the IS too and they were fine, was running them with Pagid disks up front and Blueprint/ADL disks on the rear.

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Out of interest, are you guys using the Mintex pads with standard discs?

Do you find them OK with that setup? No real reason for asking other than at some point I shall have to replace discs and pads and wondered what people thought?

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Mintex pads on standard disc's all round for me. the reduction in brake dust on the front wheels is incredable conpared to Lexus pads!

Was looking at Mintex disc's when i changed the pads about 2k miles ago but decided to stick with what i had. I will be swapping over to some type of drilled and grooved disc's at the next pad change as there's some slight corrosion happening on the rear now. :angry: :(

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I got some front discs and pads for £60 off Ebay!

However they squeek when comming to a stop!

t was annoying at first now I dont care they work fine!

I will let them fade then change!

But this time I will go for Decent pads MINTEX!

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