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Helppppppppp me pleaseeeeeeee.

I've just bought a IS200 sport, i've ordered the wiring adaptor to run a normal headunit off the amp behind the glovebox but I can't figure out how to get the old stereo out, it looks like you have to take part of the dash apart.

Can anyone help me an tell me how to get it out.


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The plastic tray at the top (above the air con) will pull up and towards you, its a bit of a nack to do it but will come off, unless you have a sat nav unit there, in which case im not sure.

Then the bottom piece (with the trc/heated seat buttons) will pull towards you and unlip. This will now leave four bolts on show, two at the top and two at the bottom. Remove these and the aircon and radio will all come out as one!

There you go fella!!!!! :whistling:

Oh, and welcome to LOC! :winky: :D

Jason :P

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Jason's spot on, looks harder than it is, bit more tricky to fit the by-pass lead, you have to take the plastic covers off in the foot well underneather the glove box to get at the amp properly, unless you've got tiny hands then you might be able to get at through glove box, I had to unsrew amp from it's brackets to fit mine.

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