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Slight Stuttering Under Acceleration, The Next Possible Cause Suggesti


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As per various other threads i've so far fitted a full new exhaust + cats, new spark plugs & HT leads & last weekend i cleaned the throttle bodies from this:


amazing what 145k of carbon looks like to this:


Which having put her back together has notably improved the hunting idle out, although it does still very slightly do it when in D but on brake.

However it still isn't quite running perfectly. Best way to describe it is it still stutters somewhat when going through the rev range & can certainly feel it isn't pulling smoothly. When it's cold, not sure if it's related to the dials often being out in the morning, but sometimes it really wont pull thru the revs at all & just sticks at 2k or so which aint nice if your trying to pull out of a junction & then accelerate like a granny on an electric scooter.

Any other cunning plans for what might be up before i take it to lexus or toyota garage to ask for their expertese?

My only other thought is sensor somewhere but would that have that effect?


Si (hopes it;s nothing too major but doesn't hold breath......)

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Might be worth looking in the distributor caps for signs of tracking etc.

Get some one to rev it for you with the engine in complete darkness and look for tracking flashes on all HT



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