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Nurburgring 2007


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Greetings from Germany to everyone.

Been ok so far.

All got here safe even though most of the Europeons on the road tried to make sure we didn't.

Maneesh had a small off on the track and scraped his back bumper today and Bazza went off in the Starlet but no damage.

Was raining on and off today so the track was a bit slippery so most people took it reasonably easy. Also it was closed for a bit cause of an accident but nobody seriously injured as far as we know.

Back again tomorrow and hopefully a bit drier and more fun.

But i'm sure everyone will tell their full stories when we get back.


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Hi Guys, got back from Germany in the early hours of this morning (took 11 1/2 hours!!!!!) Nice to meet all of LOC members over there and hopefully will see you a JAP, if i can sweet talk the misses! Here are a couple of pictures below taken over the week. Here is just a selection, Enjoy
















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got some video of the proiper ring taxi drifting !

so what went on..............

barrie/jane sam/anna went by ferry and were in situ at the hotel when we arrived........

we all met up (maneesh/sanj/paul/bubba/nassar/lee/stav/gord/raj/Kami) at maidstone services at 1pm

made our way to the eurotunnel terminal with no mishaps got to france (met Yemqui @ terminal !!)

Drove thru france belgium holland germany at illogical speeds

Maneesh (or Jonah) had to do a tyre change as he had a screw stuck in the side wall in belgium

weather was pooh

got to Koln........

had the normal subway meal and adjourned to the bar...................didnt get to bed until 4.30am which was a first for me :blush:

up for 8 and left for the ring ...arrived at 10.30

peeing down

stooped......................stopped even..........

went out but found the inconsistant track conditions a worry (wet/damp/dry)

Raj was flying

the East London crew were doing well

maneesh has left early and had an off (scraped rear bumper not badly)

Sam was also going well as was barrie

went out PM and had a good lap (dry)

sat night we all went into Koln and had a good meal (outside) in historic Koln

Sunday maneesh & raj keft at 7am as maneeesh had a hire race BMW

we joined them at 10.30 ish with barrie/sam et al arriving at 1pm

we took in turns to go to viewing point to video each other (will be posted soon)

Suinday PM a few of us went into Koln to a brewary for a meal...then to an irish a guy working with the toyota F1 team...

as ever a great weekend meeting old friends and some new ones !

Roll on the next one !

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just got home !

fantastic weekend usual

ended up on the ferry for 2 1/2 hours in a force 6 gale :sick: head is still spinning :duh:

weather was a bit of a disapointment, but didnt stop anyone having a go or enjoying the weekend

the starlet was a nightmare!..... too much power not enough grip, on a dry track it was absolutely flying, but even the slightest bit of damp was causing a lot of handling problems, only one "off" and luckily only a bit of pride damaged, and a lot woosy driving afterwards

and now with a few seals blowing, it looks like engine rebuild time will be here soon :whistling:

raj surprised us all by doing so many runs and in turn getting some great times

paul and the crew didnt surprise us in getting a golf diesel to be one of the fastest round.... :lol:

maneesh...............well maneesh was maneesh....thats why we love him so much :D















and of course janey

thanks for a great weekend, it wouldnt have been the same without each and everyone one of you :D

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Had an absolutely fantastic weekend people as usual. As bazza said,it would be hopeless without the great people that go on this trip. I was amazed this time at how quick some of these cars go. I was getting 9:31 in the M3 with two passengers,which was fairly slow considering many were getting 8:10's and some below that,although they were CSLs and had no passengers.Dave drove his car beautifully as usual and Maneesh shocked me in the race car he hired with his skill.The best part was going up with Maneesh at 7am,we were just going for it,no fear.Ive got a few vids of my laps from start to finish. the journey on the way back was a little tiring,but we got back in good time considering the weather. I have some great pics too. Thanks once again to Bazza for sorting this,when is the next one? I feel like going soon.Paul was awesome in the GT golf,he never gave a **** which is probably the best way to drive the ring.I was getting a bit cocky towards the end and nearly stacked it into a GT3RS,which would have been a bit costly if i didnt correct it.All that went take care and see you again at JAE.

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WOW, this weekend at the ring has left me speechless (which is rare for me!).

One of the BEST feelings of these Ring trips is the feeling of community, and it showed when Paul pointed out the screw in my tyre, as well as helping me get the wheel nuts off in Belgium, and the convoy waiting for me to change the tyre before moving on. Thanks guys! You are the stars of this trip, not the cars..

Saturday morning I decided to head out for 8am track opening to get some laps on an empty track in the GS. The track was pretty empty, but it was wet :crybaby: Ended up with the back end swinging round and straddling across the track after just scraping the rear bumper. I'm very lucky it wasn't busy, didn't have to worry about other cars hitting my stationary car.


My missing Biernacker

The Snickers ice cream in Koln

Reversing on the track itself (ask Lee that story!)

Lee looking for a sick bag halfway through our lap in the race BMW

In the back of Raj's M3, and seeing the Golf diesel keeping up with us

Spending 4 hours with Stav driving around and around looking for the spectator points

An englightening passenger ride with Sam, he is a skilled driver, and his car can GRIP!

7 laps in the BMW 320Si that I rented (I highly recommend this to "learn" the track in a safe way)

Driving the 320 made me realise that you don't have to have an ultra powerful car to enjoy "learning to drive" on the ring, you just need a car that can hold it well through the corners, and allows you to correct your mistakes.

It's still sad to see the flags out and bikers that have come off on the next bend. Bikers and some of the cars too can be quite reckless in their desire to overtake you.

P.S Just one suggestion for the future, that perhaps we can save a bob or two by all putting our money together and buying "multiple lap tickets", rather than individual or 4 lap tickets!

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My very light scrape on the armco


The infamous Golf diesel


Eismann car - nice




Hands up for the Ford KA!


This geezer in the Ferrari had his mum and dad in the back seats!


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Yes, they let coaches go round the ring



This guy was flying round





All of us at the hotel!


Big beer, little beer!


Go Stav!


Theo and me (he's the owner of the racecar rental shop)


Front view of my rental (it even had twin cold air intakes for ducting directly to the brakes)


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Wow! Looks like a great weekend!:D

Some very nice cars there and it seems like everyone enjoyed themselves. :)

I like Maneesh's idea of hiring a car - at least you don't have to worry about damaging your own car! Was it expensive? :question:

Did Gord's car go on the ring too? His remapped oil burner (with the torque) would have been interesting.

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Rental for half day was 330 euros, which is around 235 quid, could have had it for the whole day for 380 quid, but I had to shoot off early.

Errr, one thing to remember is that excess was 5,000 quid on the car. If they had a really low excess, people would take stupid risks and wouldn't care about stacking it.

You do get 100 million euros insurance, in terms of if you hit another car or the armco, all those costs are covered. Those are the really big costs, especially if track closure is involved.

The car was brand new and set up perfectly for the ring, so you can push it towards the limits knowing that it's not your own suspension or brakes that will be getting harsh treatment.

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Had a fantastic weekend, thanks to all for making it so :winky:

Nice to see some new faces on the trip to, must have more next time.

It took my Bmw 330d Msport, Well i must say it did really well on the mpg, just over 44mpg on the round trip, and at times well over 100mph (German m/ways)

Took it out on the ring, was very very wet, and Dave's face when we was keeping up with the M5 :winky:

Raj, thanks for the ride in yours mate, 8.30mins, well what can i say about that, FANTASTIC AND WELL DONE Raj :winky:

To the next time.

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What a great weekend.

Was great meeting everyone and i had a great time.

The laps in the M3 were awesome but Paul and Sanj you guys were insane in that Golf but i loved every minute of it.

Nassa (sp?) must win some sort of award for managing crying like a baby every lap in the car LOL

Was a really good friendly group and i can't wait to go again! Hopefully taking my car next time to experience the Ring first hand!

Once again thanks to everyone for making it such a good weekend.


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It took my Bmw 330d Msport, Well i must say it did really well on the mpg, just over 44mpg on the round trip, and at times well over 100mph (German m/ways)

Looks like Gord wins the economy prize for this trip! 44mpg with "spirited driving". :P :lol:

Is the speed limt on the restricted parts of the German motorways 100mph then?

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It took my Bmw 330d Msport, Well i must say it did really well on the mpg, just over 44mpg on the round trip, and at times well over 100mph (German m/ways)

Looks like Gord wins the economy prize for this trip! 44mpg with "spirited driving". :P :lol:

Is the speed limt on the restricted parts of the German motorways 100mph then?

I hope not, or we will all be in the deep end :unsure:

By the way Anees, the re-map takes the speed limiter off :shifty:

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I hope I will be able to come next time. Unfortunately I had to go back to France this week-end :( that's a shame I did not realise you went through the tunnel otherwise I would have booked it with you

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