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Is My Son Just Being A Bit Ott?

Gary Woodman

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Hi Everyone

On Monday I tried to start my car (2003 53 Lexus IS200 SE) and it wouldn't start. Sounded like a flat Battery....but it started perfectly fine the second time. Since this incident my son is sure that the car doesn't sound quite like it used to. Does it need checking out or was it just a one off occasion and its just my sone hearing things because he knows that the car wouldn't start?



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A wild-card suggestion is that the ECU may have become reset somehow and the engine can run a bit rough for a wee while afterwards. I'd still get it checked out because I know bugger all about mechanics. I'm always the first to advise people to take notice when someone who doesn't know the car says something doesn't sound right - in my experience they're usually right as a fresh pair of ears does help a lot. He may be being ott but I wouldn't take the chance - he may save you a lot of expense and hassle. And thus the voice of reason!


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