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Computer Mouse Probs


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How far does it move mate?

Is it going a long way or just a few pixels?

Does it have any other channels that you can try just in case it's getting interference from something else in the vicinity?

I've found that some optical mice can suffer on certain surfaces because they struggle to view the surface being used correctly and so constantly correct the location even when they're not moving because the algorithm they are using thinks it is being moved because something on the surface is repeating!

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thanks aido,it moves a lot all over the screen in circles etc.started to think we had a ghost at one stage .


If it's not the batteries like Graham suggested then maybe try using a palin white piece of paper for a mousemat, or anything that doesn't have a repeating pattern on it and see if that helps?

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If you look at your mouse, normally there is a way to remove the ball to CLEAN

the 3 or four ballbearings inside that get covered in crud. Use an old toothbrush to

clean inside the cavity, especially where the beam reads the ball (if its an optical mouse).

I was amazed how much crud ans crap gets in there.... try it then reboot your pc.

Hope this helps



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if its an optical mouse, then get a plain mousemat or a piece of paper and see if it still happens. Mine use to do this at work until i got a plain black mousemat.

If its a ball mouse then, CLEAN YOUR BALLS!

Its unlikely to be a virus, but to be sre its not the mouse change it and see if it still happens

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Could be spyware?

I'd download and run SuperAntiSpyware.

I've had this problem before, mind you it wasn't with a wireless mouse.

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