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2009 Lexus Lf-a V10 Spy Video!


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Here you go:*#3

Toyota's reputation for building sensible cars for the daily commute should change drastically with the release of the 2009 Lexus LF-A. We weren't blown away by the design of the LF-A concept that appeared earlier this year, but after listening to a prototype at the Nürburgring, there's little doubt in our minds that this is a serious sports car.

While some have speculated that the switch from V10 to V8 engines in Formula 1 might have forced Toyota to rethink the LF-A's power plant, the shriek from its triple tailpipes puts that notion to rest. Compared to the muffled tone of a BMW V10, this LF-A sounds almost uncorked.

A displacement of around 5.0 liters is expected and the output should be around 500 horsepower or more. Lexus executives have suggested that a production version of the LF-A could have a top speed approaching 200 mph. Then again, they usually follow up with vague comments about whether the car will be built at all, so it's hard to know if this is a serious number.

One goal we know Lexus remains serious about is hybrid power. Although we doubt the LF-A will debut with a hybrid gas-electric drivetrain, Lexus executives have said that the LF-A "will set a fresh standard in the hybrid technology to which Lexus is totally committed." How long we'll have to wait to see is hard to tell at this point, although we might not have to wait very long, since the intake ducts integrated into the C-pillar and rocker panels of this prototype could cool a rear-mounted battery pack.

Another goal for the Lexus team is the use of an automated sequential manual gearbox — or at least that's what it sounds like this car is using. Listen closely to the prototype and you can clearly hear the thud of a clutch engaging as the test mule quickly goes through the gears. We're guessing they'll smooth this out before the LF-A goes on sale next year.

How much will all this new technology cost? Expect a price tag north of $100,000, as the LF-A is set to trump the LS 600h L as the new flagship in the Lexus lineup.

It sounds amazing :)

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