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Hi every one i am looking to buy an is 200/300 just looking for some info is it just the is 300 that comes with full leather or can i get it in a 200 and what is the best is200. was going to buy one two years ago but bought a colt czt instead and have now lost lot of money on it :tomato: so going for the car should of bought now :lol:

The iformation is proberly alrady up hear but it is just so vast make it hard to fined.

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ive just bought a 300 and they come standard with full leather, early 200's came half leather and half cloth, but the later spec is200's came with full leather . if i was you id go for the 200 sport model, or if your budget can streach then go for a 300

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hi m8,

didnt know the 300 came with full leather, the is200 se & sport come with i/2 leather 1/2 suede combo which is best in my opinion,especially in hot weather(not sticking to seats)

the biggest difference between the 200 & 300 is the power. if i had the chance to choose know it would be the 300, i am looking at getting a supercharger which is probably the best mod for the 200.

the 300 also comes with Xenon h/lights as standard...i think

at the end of the day it is what you want that matters

hope that helps & good look with search & keep us updated :winky:


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