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Are Drinks Getting Weaker Nowadays?


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I've noticed that as I'm getting older drinks do seem to be getting weaker, I keep saying that I can't hold my beer anymore but I do seem to be drinking loads more than when I was younger, years ago I'd have a maximum of two pints of Stella but nowadays you can have it all night and still make it to work for 8am the next morning!

I mean tonight, I had a few cans of Carlsberg Export while watching a film, then realised I'd done three before the first CD had finished, 45 mins later it looked like this:


Do they make these shots for girls or something :lol:

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It's probably more a case of you being conditioned to the alcholol mate. I find that when I drink regularly I can down a few, but I don't have any for a week or so, a thimble full of Leffe later and I'm anybodys :blink:

Stalla = Bad - it's chemically formulated Euro Wee - can't be good for you :D

Proper officially pure German and Belgian lager (if you like the lighter coloured suff) is a preferable alternative methinks

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I don't drink very often any more, once a week tops, I'm one of these new fangled binge drinkers as they like to call us!

@ Mark, know what you mean, I love it in some of the pubs here, but after a week in the US on their beer I had a pint of Stella over there and it tasted foul, took me a few days to get back used to it when I got home!

Leffe on the other hand, that stuff is proper evil, it's like Kronenbourg Blanc, that stuff is the new Wifebeater!

When we were in Berlin we went to a Brewhaus and had some of their speciality beer, that was wheat beer and it was really nice, tasted gross as you first started but after a couple it was really nice!

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Well I still get drunk on 1/2 a pint :whistling:

but personally I'd be more worried about this list: :shutit:

Magnesium Sulphate - The chemical formaly known as Epsom Salts! & used in fireproofing, ceramics, matches, explosives, and fertilizers.

Gypsum/Calcium Sulphate - mmm cement, plaster of paris

Gypsum - Calcium Sulphate - the same stuff they use to de-ice the roads

yes the above is what could also be in your pint :crying:

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I don't know what that all means Janey, saying that though there's stuff that's bad for you in everything that used to be good for you 10 years ago :o

Tonight I think I've mostly been drinking Stella, Budweiser, Guinness, Carlsberg and VK Blues, still didn't do the trick, but it's been an hilarious night!

Our friend Mr Ellen's jaw nearly dropped off on many occasions tonight :D

Am I an alcy tho? Am I **** :lol:

Like elexes says those drinks are made for girls, in fact I'd bought them for one of the ex's but she bored me so she got stuffed off, and I drunk them :lol:

Jaegermeister is the way forward, I do like my vodka but it writes me off the next day, I can't process it so I wake up still drunk!

Gin & Tonic is a drink for winners though, oh yes, for sure, it's for winners :D

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