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Car Seats

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Hi all, not posted for awhile cuz I'm seriously poor an have nothing to report(other than painted calipers red & put white logos on them- spoiler on route in the post at the mo fingers crossed) lol.. But have been reading on here daily and finally I have a new question of which some of you maybe able to help me with.

I have a IS 200 Sport 99 reg so the seats are pretty old an now not in the best state to be honest, I was looking to maybe have them redone/leatherd if possible anyone knows the prices for this roughly...(I saw fargos I think, don't match my car at all sadly) or even to upgrade the seats to bucket ones as I thought I'd give them ago.

But I then thought would I be able to keep them as heated seats if i was to replace the OEM ones with bucket seats or will i lose this feature.

If anyone has some bucket seats already or can recommend some please feel free to, but I'd also like to know if I'll lose the heated seats feature which I'm come to enjoy lol.. :D

Thanks for the help guys.


P.S. Are they easy to fit I read online about frames an sub frames, universal frames??? I have no idea can u just bolt them down any help appreciated lol

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Having them redone is one option, but may be expensive, I don't know.

How about getting another interior say from a newer/crashed IS200? I think there's a set on ebay at the moment. That way you won't loose the heated/electric heats.

How are your current seats damaged? Are they worn out? Damaged? I'd have them checked out by an interior specialist/repairer, they maybe repairable, surely this way would be cheaper?

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Here you go, problem solved

New Seat Covers :winky: :whistling:

Good find!

All he needs is now some fury dice!

Reminds of Only Fools and Horses where Delboy buys a green Capri Ghia with those seat covers. Rodney called it the 'Pratmobile'

Classic TV at its best....

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So on the fitting bucket seat front, would I have to find a subframe that fits lexus is200's? or do the subframes just bolt to the floor an have to be the right make for the bucket seat?

thanks for any help I'm such a noob in this lol..

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I was thinking some like this. He is offering the front armrest as a complete package, he won't separate it from the rest of the interior, I wanted the armrest on its own.

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