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Evening all,

Ok a confession, I'm officially an idiot. Whilst I was preparing to paint the front brake caliper yesterday, after jacking the car up it rolled forward and fell off the jack. Let me tell you my middle class neighbours have probably never heard language like it! It landed on the brake disc and bent the metal thingy behind the disc (which I have bent back into a normalish shape - are these easy to replace or more to the point how much are they so I can get it replaced at the next service). It's chipped a tiny bit of the disc, nothing too exciting and I'll just get them replaced at a later stage anyway. Ironically the only major damage is to the front left mudguard. Lexus have quoted me £60 for a set of 4 which does seem a bit pricey but I would pay it just to teach me a lesson! Does anyone have a set of mudguards (or just the front left one) that they would be willing to part with for cash?

I cannot tell you the feeling in your stomach when you see your beloved car coming crash down from the jack. I'm still getting over it! At least the caliper came out ok - I'll do the others tomorrow!

Keith (who's a bit red in the face and feels a complete div)

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reminds me of a mate who jacked up his bmw with the standard jack but didnt have the brake on, car rolled backwards twisted the jack in the housing and got is stuck in there, car also rolled into the door damaging the boot lid and the garage door.

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