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Hid Headlight Help

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Above the headlights them selves are levelizing screws you can adjust for height.

If you know someone in an MOT garage, pop in and let them do it properly to the right hight ;)

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Are you sure your auto levelling sensors are working properly. There are four of them fitted, two on each axle. I had to have mine replaced as I was having the same problem. Does the fault light on the dash flash at all. When you switch the headlights on you should see them doing a self test and autolevel. (you can visually see the beams moving up and down before settling to the right height)

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no fault light on dash, and they do self level when you first switch them on, but they are a tad too high....only had the car a few days and drove it for the first time last night when it was dark and alot of people where flashing me.

ill give the screw method a go late on.


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This article could also explain a thing or two, always noticed it's usually greying hair drivers that never liked mine (then again nowadays I'm grey enough) -

Driving requires effective coordination of visual, motor, and cognitive skills. Visual skills are pushed to their limit at night by decreased illumination and by disabling glare from oncoming headlights. High intensity discharge (HID) headlamps project light farther down roads, improving their owner’s driving safety by increasing the time available for reaction to potential problems. Glare is proportional to headlamp brightness, however, so increasing headlamp brightness also increases potential glare for oncoming drivers, particularly on curving two lane roads. This problem is worse for older drivers because of their increased intraocular light scattering, glare sensitivity, and photostress recovery time. An analysis of automobile headlights, intraocular stray light, glare, and night driving shows that brightness rather than blueness is the primary reason for the visual problems that HID headlights can cause for older drivers who confront them. The increased light projected by HID headlights is potentially valuable, but serious questions remain regarding how and where it should be projected.

Maybe Barrie or Dave could tell us if that's true :lol:

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