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Hi everyone :)

Been registered a for a bit, but finally got an IS200 (which promptly got named by my friends as stiglex!!!) so I thought I'd say a proper hello. Picked it up from the Dealership in Derby after trading in my old Ford fiesta ST (which had more squeakes, creakes and rattles than an explosion in a creaking plastics factory!!!)

Very happy with my IS so far, it's a 2004 limited edition one. Only changes so far have been a nice shiney new gear-nob :)







Just wanted to say hello anyway and that I've found browsing around on the forums and reading other people's experience with these cars really useful. Mine isnt perfect but the service generally has been outstanding so far...and it's easily the best buying experience I've ever had :)

I'm very pleased with how quiet and comfortable the car is, drove it to devon a few weeks ago (200 odd miles) and it felt like I'd only been on the road half an hour :D.

The_Stig (Dave)

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Welcome to LOC :)

That's a really nice car you've got there mate, it's certainly been taken care of :)

Enjoy, there are usually quite a few meets happening around your area or just down the A52 in Notts so might see you there, they're always good if you ever want to check anything or just ask general questions!

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