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Timing Belt - Special Tools?


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No special tools needed, a couple of 10mm, 12mm and 14m sockets and spanners and a larger hammer. You'll also need a breakerbar to crack the pulleynut, some people have used a tool to pull of the pulley, but I didn't.

Word of warning, make sure when the new belt goes on (with new tensioner and idler), that you don't knock the timing out. If you do this, your car will run ok, but after a couple of days, the engine management light will appear on your dash. Trust me, I have had this experience.

To get better access, you will have to remove the cooling fans, or possibly the radiator itself.

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true, the pulley might come off easily with some taps of a mallet but if it doesnt then you will need the puller. for the crank bolt you could also put it in gear and have a mate put the brakes on when u undo the bolt or use the park brake

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OK, ta, regarding manual, where is best place to get one - I saw you post a piccy in another post which looked OK.

Was that from lexus tech page?

Hello, have the Lexus Tech CDs if required they are brill, LEXUS WIRING/ELECTRICAL CD Lexus IS 200/300


LEXUS Workshop Technical CD - Covers Lexus Is200/300

see details at:

Cheers Steve

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