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OK , so I am not twiggy, but for my height ( 6'2" ) I am not out of proprtion too much :winky:

Now, after just 12000 mls in my SEL, my drivers seat has developed a horrible hard spot /lump right in the middle of the seat squab. It feels kinda brick sized, and pushing with my hand quite firmly, reveals it quite noticeably, and after not very many miles at the wheel,I find myself shuffling about to try and avoid it digging into my bum! I also notice if I push firmly down on the passenger seat it too has a hard lump.

I know the seat is packed with electric gizmos, including cooling fans, but surely this is not right on a luxury leather seat. Does anyone else have this problem, or does my diet need to be even more severe? :blush:

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The seats of the IS are supposed to be extremely comfortable so any kind of lump which causes one discomfort should be reported to the dealer. Rest assured these seats were designed with the fuller figure in mind (i.e. the American market :whistling: ) so you shouldn't need to start on the Atkins just yet.

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I bought my IS partly because the seats are so good - I have a recurring back problem, and had to urgently get rid of my Merc as it aggravated it. Love sitting in my IS by comparison.

Eunos, sounds like a visit to the dealer is in order.

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Buddy - I seem to recall you were very fond of MacDonalds and the Sat Nav couldn't tell you where they were......the chickens have come home to roost :lol:

SEriously, mine still feel the same, no lumps or bumps...

No mate,..... chickens came from KFC :whistling:

I actually, genuinely, do not eat McDonalds, but find them handy for a quick toilet break, and perhaps a caffiene shot....EXACTLY what is required on along journey, and the reason why I found it so annoying that the Sat Nav doeds not know of their existence.Still, at least it can direct me to swimming pools and leisure centres in strange towns....very useful - NOT :tsktsk:

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Well it is a real challenge to keep it clean ( as would black ), and I have acquired a few stone chips on the front - but that is to expected I guess.

The paint itself is "soft" although still looks nice and glossy after a proper clean. It has NEVER seen a car wash, and never will whilst I own it.

During the winter ( and lately come to think of it ! ) it gets hosed down after every trip- I fitted a hose to the front wall of the garage especially to do so and a "proper" hand wash /leather about weekly. I also have a jetwash lance which I tend to use on the wheels /arches, and this actually removed a small piece of paint at the lower joint of the front wheel arch / sill - I have asked for this to be done under warranty.

1 tiny chip on the bonnet ( about 2mm) produced a bodyshop quote of £600 !! " we would have to spray the whole bonnet sir "

Got a touch up pen finally - (only took the dealer 11 months to get it to me )and have applied a blob to the offending spot.

£600 quid...they have got to be havin a larf.....

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My dealer has had a look at the seat, and I lso checked others that were in the showroom, they all have a small hard lump in the squab, about 1/3rd way back from front edge. This definately gets a lot worse afater a few miles, and after an hour or so, is damn uncomfortable. They are having it back next week, to investigate further, and have been told by LEXUS that they should try and identify the problem, and rectify it first, because they are loathe to fork out foir a new seat. The service manger tells me that each seat is 5K ! By that reckoning, the front seats alone make up almost a 1/3rd of the total cost of the car !!

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