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I noticed a few "chips" on a couple of alloys shortly before the first service (probably had the car around 7 months) and they replaced them all. It wasn't that bad and would certainly fall into the minor category.

With my IS200 I didn't even notice the corrosion and the dealer replaced them all (including the spare which had never been used) at the 20K service.

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... mine's just the same; starting to blister from the back of the wheel spokes outwards :tsktsk: .

For a corporation with some of the best automotive engineers in the world, I find it incredible that Toyota can't seem to nail this issue from across their range!

Having had 3 BMW's, all shod with beautiful yet neglected alloys, I never had an alloy corrosion concern, not once.

Come on TMC - take a look at some of the fundamental issues (rattles / squeaks / alloy wheel corrosion) which are just as important to the Customer as the innovations! It's alright having great dealer service, but I'd rather not need it!!


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