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It could be a scam. Someone stole all my car details off ebay and were offering it for sale for £10K less.

I can only assume that they were going to abscond with the deposits as I still have the car and all the paperwork.

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There are so many stupid car scams around at the moment. When I was looking for my new lex I was also looking at some other motors and I must have stumbled across about 30 different scams but all done the similar way. Car always between 6k & 8k and on ebay it would always be the same story, ''Selling because moving abroad.....yada yada'' and it was always email me at this address not through ebay. :tsktsk:

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Not exactly Lexus orientated but definately ebaY scam time

We were looking for a marquee for our archery club and one came up on ebaY,,, looked good,,,, looked fine,,,,,, seller replied straight away to my email questions,,,,, being sold by a church in surrey that no longer needed it

although it wasn't listed under marquees but awnings and no one else seemed interested as we were the only bidder

all seemed good I bid and won it, no one else bid on it

Now the fun started

First email from the seller said sorry but the church committee won't sell it at that low low price, which quite honestly was a ridiculous price, and far far lower than the max bid i put on it

So in the basis of I wanted the marquee, they wanted a fair price, we had a email haggle and agreed what i thought was a fair price

The seller emailed and said he would set up a protected buy now deal on ebaY so we are both protected and committed to deal

said email duly arrived and all looked like a real ebaY email

Of course a compete forgery and a western union scam to get cash out of me

I twigged it only when I saw western union money transfer instead of paypal

I blew up the pictures and enhanced them with a photo programme i have as all ebaY pics are rubbish definition, and yes the marquee was at a church but all the number plates on the cars were american

ebaY informed and they traced the deal to a dead end at a web cafe in USA

Seems he picked me as a target as there were about 20 other bids on the marquee but the seller cancelled these as soon as they went up to make it look like I was the only bidder

Be careful as these scams are really getting silly,

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