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Rear 6 X9 Speakers Cable Colours

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Hi I have bought a Lexus is 200 sport and was fitted with an mp3 player but the speakers in the back window didnt work so on tracing the problem i found they were never connected to anthing so I tried to wire them up and i know there are 4 cables going to the old speakers I know one set is 4 ohms and the other 8 ohms so What i want to know is which colour should i connect the speakers to so as to get the best possible sound,

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Don't try to use the original speakers.

Get some new Alpine or Infinity 6x9's and amp them if u can....

Look at my post HERE

to see what can be achieved with some work....

There are alpine infinity's in it all ready just need to know what colour cables go to each speaker to get the best sound


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Are ther Alpine OR Infinity 6x9's in the back shelf ?

Alpine + Infinity are seperate brands of speaker.

If you have a non Lexus stereo, I'd run them through from that.

Sorry they are infinity's and my head unit is a kenwood mp3 player but all the cables were cut and connected to the old wiring for the rear speakers and was just curious to know which colours are the + and - for the speakers

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