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I am new to this forum as I have previously only driven Jags. I have had a couple of test drives of the GS450H and have been very impressed, not only with the performance but also the quality. Does anybody have an idea about available discounts on these cars. The impression I am getting from the dealers that I have spoken to is that any discount would be in the region of 2-3%. Having been used to somewhat more substantial discounts from Jag I am wondering if this is normal. Any comments would be most welcome.

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Hi - ask for 10% and stick to it...if they refuse, walk away and try the next closest dealer...they are there to make money, and won't do you any favours at all...

Check out "" - registration is allowed even with Typos...choose a 450h SE with Metallic paint, it's approx £39920 with the discount. List price is over £44k

I used this site when the dealer was refusing to give any discounts on the 220d SE (before it ws even launched) and once they verified it they matched it immediately...£1147 off just like that!

Remember - it's the same dealers selling you the car that are selling through the websites. Call their bluff, and with the money saved, go on a Holiday!

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I see what you mean about drive the deal. Have just been on the web site and it is showing just over 10% discount on the model that I want. Back to the dealer now to have a bit of fun. Many thanks for the prompt response.

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