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Erratic Acceleration

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hi all,

iv noticed some trouble with my acceleration over the last few days and im not sure whats going on…

what iv found is when accelerating in higher gears -on trying to increase acceleration (while trying to overtake for example) there is a sharp increase in revs, such that after a second of smooth acceleration the revs spike (i.e go up a few along with the power) and then fall back to smooth acceleration.

wouldnt have thought its the clutch or the sc belt ect as the speed goes up with the revs, hence i get the feeling its something electronic- but any thoughts will be really helpful.

cheers aj

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Cheers for the reply yemgi. :) Some people (niraj :whistling: lol ) have suggested that my clutch is on the way out... but others have tested it in 3rd (and 4th and 5th) and on hills and have said its ok - so not too sure, also in this case the revs are rising with the speedo -just in a quick burst after putting my foot down. :wacko:

Any more thoughts are welcome- but i have noticed its got alot better after going back to higher octane fuel- as last week i used a tank of regular (wasnt shell or bp) and it was alot more jerky then...

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