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My New Racinghart Rims


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NICE! What kind of tyre setup you planning on going with? Car lowered? Oh and get an alignment done ASAP after having them fitted on! :).

Cheers for the comments guys, i didnt want to skimp on tyres but didnt have alot of choice even though the Falken 452's will still cost me £650 fitted/balanced etc. I going for 275-30-19 rear & 245-35-19 front,these are the coilovers that i will be fitting in a few weeks,im not sure if to get the arches pulled and the lip cut or to see how low i can go first . Dont worry Skeet i will get full geomentry as soon as the car height is to my liking :winky:





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Sounds like a good plan - FK452's will do you VERY well!

What coilovers are those if you don't mind me asking? Any specifications on them?

I picked up the coilovers from Dave, they are the Inverted type,32 levels of damping, mono tube design, pillow ball topmount, adjustable lower mont allowing for full length travel and finally they are spring rate/preload ajustable, i think thats about it but im sure Dave will correct me if im wrong :winky:

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careful because i reckon some scumbag will try have the centre caps off within a few days! :tsktsk:

They will have to find the car first lol, it spends most of its life in my garage or at my work under my cafefull eye :D

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Gorgeous wheels there, nice choice. Where they bought from within the UK, or did you have them imported? Looking forward to seeing them fitted :)


I bought them from Envy Performance, Great guys Kevin & Gaz they done me a great deal.

They can import loads of different wheels just depends how deep your pockets are :winky:

Ive posted a few pics of the wheels on my car in my other post, check it out :D

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Very nice rims, I have seen your update with them fitted to car - looks smart.

Keep me posted on coil covers as I will be looking to upgrade mine soon.

All the best Paul.

Im getting the coilovers fitted on monday so i will take a few pics while there being fitted and the end result, by the way loving the new sig :D

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