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Brake Squeal

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Recently my car has developed a light brake squeal but the weird thing is that it only occurs under very light braking - if I push the pedal further it stops, and if I release the pedal slightly it also stops.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? My car's due for a service but wanted to find out a likely cause before I book it in........

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Ahh ok, that's quite a common problem we've had with an Audi we used to have.......this is what makes my current problem so weird, doesn't happen at low speeds. Only occurs when braking lightly from speed :unsure:

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I would have thought the squealing was possibly from the lack of anti squeal shims between the caliper and the pad.

There should be two of them behind each pad. If their not put back in then that would cause the squealing.


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Even if the shims are there it can squeek, remove the pads, put a good chamfer on the leading and trailing edges of the pads and apply a thin coat of copperslip or nickle grease on the back of the pad and also on the shim that contacts the pistons.

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