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Powerflex Bushes Development - Help Needed


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Hi All,

today I spent some time with Tim Darvill the Marketing and Development Manager at Powerflex. The reason for my call was to start selling Poweflex bushes for smart cars (my main business is two smart car centres) and also I had primed him with the fact that I loved my Lexus LS 400 and why didn't they sell replacement bushes for the car.

Having got the LS up in the air we inspected what was needed and some 16 bushes later we had a kit in mind!

To develop the kit I will have to pay for development costs etc so wanted to gauge interest from members of the club. The kit price will probebly be around £300 (don't hold me to this as we have a way to go yet!) This is a lot less than renewing everything from Lexus as I m sure a few of you know.

As I have only owned the Mk3 LS400 can anyone tell me are there any major differances between the marks that I should be aware of?

Does anyone know how many LS 400's were sold in the UK of the various marks?

As part of the development process they need the suspension parts off the car and as I can't take mine off the road for more than a day I wondered if anyone knew of a car being broken that I could borrow or buy the said parts from, if you do and you want to help then I am sure a couple of bushes could find there wy into your hands etc etc

Anyone wishing to help please e-mail me how to get in contact.

I will discuss with Matt putting a club deal together if that would also be of help.

And please register your interest as I will have to commit to upwards of 20 sets and development costs to make this happen.

many thanks for your interest and help


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