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Petrol Pumps


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try pulling the nozzle out slightly and angling the handle down a bit. It does work with mine.


Me too.

Snap :winky: BMW same :shutit:

Happens to me all the time

i just turn the nozzle upside down so the trigger is at the Top

dont know why but it does the trick

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my corsa is really bad for this. if i pull the trigger fully it clicks straight away(doesnt matter what angle or how far in it is) have to hold it half open, takes ages to fill it up.

my lexus normally does click if i let the nozzle just rest in there, but if i lift the handle so it points down further then its all good!!

i hate refulling, thats why i fill it to the brim everytime i fill up.

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This is funny as I had the same problem when I first bought my car, but can't say it's ever happened again in the last 2 years...........just trying to think if all the fuel stations around me have been refurbished since then as the newer pumps are shorter and don't seem to cause problems :)

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One thing I have noticed since getting my IS200 is that when filling up with fuel, the pump clicks off all the time.

Does anyone else get this problem?


i have experienced the same problem on certain pumps, to get round it i turned the nozzle upside down.


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How do they work, anyway? Is it something to do with the little hole, like a small tube within the main tube, that you can see if you look at the end of the nozzle directly? Vacuum maybe, so if you get fuel over the end of the small tube it knows to cut off the flow?

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