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Manhole Covers

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With all the rain we've been having recently I've become more and more aware of these 'orrible little things.

Why oh why do road planners feel the need to put them on the entrance to, the apex of and the exit of corners? It gets pretty hairy when you get understeer, then oversteer up to three times in a corner!

They always seem to put them just where the outside (loaded up) tyres naturally travel through the corner as well. Are they trying to cause accidents?


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You think it's bad for you on four wheels ? lol .... how do you think I feel ?

Not only do I have to avoid those, but also the solid white painted lines ...... they become like ice strips !!

Your tyres shouldn't really be loosing much traction on them, have you got enough tread depth on them?

What tyres are you using?

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I've got the Bridgestone Potenzas all round and the car passed it's MOT last week. My tread's fine. Maybe I shouldn't be pushing the go peddle while going round a corner in the wet then? :devil:
Nooo ... keep it pressed, it's not fun otherwise ! lol

Get some Dunlop SP9000's next set round :D

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