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Complete Auto Closure

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has anyone be able to do a complete auto closure of windows mirrors and sunroof when the car is locked, ive found this kit CLICK but it doesnt do the sunroof, so i was wondering if anyone has managed it. i know its been posted on here before but they are all old posts, so i was after some up to date info.

much appreciated for any help

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Was a post on this site from Geoffers (the man who made the kit) not so long ago, telling you how to do it :winky:

I have fitted to mine and work fine :D

ive read that post, thats what got me wanting it so much.

i think it only does the mirrors and not the windows and sunroof.

the kit ive seen on fleabay does mirrors and windows but not the sunroof

if anyone knows how to do the sunroof, i could combine their kit and the one of fleabay and ill be as happy as can be :D :D :D :D :D

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I doubt that kit will be a straight plug in kit very much.

Geoffers did put up the instructions to make a Mirror closure kit here: Clicky

and somewhere he put up instructions on how to provisionally have window closure but he emphasised that it could possibly wear the motor and cogs out.

As for the sunroof i'm afraid thats stayed a Geoffers/ProLex company secret.

I've managed to wire it up so it shuts from tilt just by using an extra relay contact on the mirror kit but its far from perfect.


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I've got the kit made by Geoffers that closes the mirrors and sunroof, but not the windows. I believe this was in development but as mentioned above, there were worries about the load on the windows

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