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Hiya, New To The Toyota/lexus Scene


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Hi guys, iv been browsing the forum on and off for a while while pondering on the idea of leaving behind my Honda

In the end i decided i wanted to change to RWD, something nice on the outside and also on the inside, being a petrolhead ment i wanted a bit more punch than my civic so after much mind changing again and again i settled on wanting an Altezza :)

I got a friend to get hold of some1 reliable in Japan and i began my search, there was a few which had caught my eye but they were all in the wrong colours, i wanted a yellow 1 but they seem 2 be pretty hard to come by, also i fancied one with the Legana bumper (im more picky than a woman lol) after weeks of searching and getting impatient i was close 2 settling on a white or silver colour, then out of nowhere a Legana bumper'd Banana appeared and i fell in love, i informed my man in Japan and set him a budget for which to try and get me it, next to days he tells me its mines :D i was over the moon!

I pay the rest of the due amount 2moro (mon) then its on its way here and should hopefully be here in time for or just after my 21st next month B) I pick it up from Newcastle and was also going to have it ESVA'd there but thats where i need yor help..

As far as im aware in order to pass the ESVA it needs 2 be completly standard, the 1 im getting has aftermarket wheels, suspension, manifold, exhaust, oil cooler and slotted brake discs.

This is where i need your help if u know anyone selling the mentioned parts in standard form or what i can do to get it through the SVA with minimum fuss, (does IS suspension and exhaust fit?) i.e do the brakes have 2 be completly standard, does it matter tht the discs are grooved? Are the oil coolers standard items meaning ill have to source one or is it an aftermarket extra, in which case i can remove it until after the test?

Im sure theres more but ill come to it as i remember, im looking for all the help u guys can give, anything from the best oil to use down to common faults to look out for etc, recomendations for parts, ESVA's etc :)

Ill put up some pics in a little while

Well thats my story, look forward to hearing from you all :)

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Hello and welcome to the LOC glad you managed to find the exact car you wanted!

Sorry but i dont know anything about importing so not able to help on that but i'm sure someone will be along shortly to give all the information needed.

Look forward to seeing the pics and hopefully you'll be able to make it along to some of the meets.

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