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Wow. on th M4 today the car (is220d with full pack) suddenly slowed down and i could not make it go above 50 mph 2000 rpm.

the engine light came on, the cruise would not work, the car is an 06 model with 15000 on the clock.

this is not the only problem, the switch under the clutch broke a couple of weeks ago and had to be replaced, now it is going again, having a job to start it.

The stop light , you know the red exclamation mark came on and VSC Check came up on the dash meaning vehicle stability error then the traction control light came on...still wont go above 2000 rpm ...this is the second bad lexus i have had, never again....back to lexus cardiff in the back i think.

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welcome to the fifth injector failed club. You may find that parts are available straight away now. Some of us had to wait for over a month whilst the part was redesigned. You may quite a few is220ds at the dealer with the same problem.

There are a few threads on this forum already on this.

If you call out the RAC they may 'reboot' the car. However it won't be long before its in safe mode again. Call Lexus assist and get the car recovered. Insist on a like for like replacement whilst yours is of the road otherwise you may find yourself in an astra for a month.

And on the M4, that's were mine decided to pack in too.

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